Derek Zoolander, Stefon Hold Fundraiser for Fat Kids on SNL (Video)

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Derek Zoolander goes on Weekend Update to help uncute fat kids.
Derek Zoolander (AKA Ben Stiller) dropped in on his new boyfriend, Stefon, during Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live.

After Stefon shared some tips on trendy new places for tourists to visit while in the Big Apple (a nightclub in a haunted synagogue named Quack run by reggae superstar Rasta Primavera and a nightclub/active crime scene run by a drag queen named Melvin in a Dress).

The big blowout for the season, however, is the Halloween fundraiser
hosted by none other than Derek Zoolander to benefit his new charity, "The Derek Zoolander Foundation for Fat Kids Who Are Fat but Not in a Cute Way Like That Fat Kid on Modern Family."

We can't wait to put on our costumes and party like a vapid model. Watch here:

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