Happy Birthday, Waffle House! (Five Unusual Reasons to Love It)

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Misha Grosvenor
Who's hiding in those bushes?

Labor Day weekend has finally arrived and you know what that means -- BBQ, beer, one less day spent enduring annoying co-workers, and of course, enjoying your annual Waffle House birthday festivus. This Labor Day, Waffle House turns the big 5-3.

Tricked out hash browns, doubled-down patty melts, and 24-hour waffles are just a few reasons to celebrate the Waffle House. Here are five overlooked reasons to dust off your party hat and kazoo...

5.  The Ominous Feeling that Something Bad is About to Go Down
 Like an Edward Hopper painting, the magnetic glow of fluorescent lamps inside of the restaurant illuminates the faces of weary truck drivers,broke college students with the munchies, and the usual handful of dodgy locals. While dining, one can't help but notice that there aren't many cars in the pitch black parking lot. The crazy guy sitting across you licking his lips while staring intently at you does little to help ease your mind.

Dining in the dark at a table for two: $150.00.  Dining while having the sinking feeling that someone may attack you when you leave: Priceless.

4. Sketchy Bathrooms

Misha Grosvenor

Waffle House just isn't  the same without a sketchy bathroom. A fun game to play with your friends the next time you go to Waffle House is "Guess What's in the Bathroom". If you find wall scrawlings rife with sexual innuendo, muddy floors, and/or a stall festooned with wet toilet paper, you win. As you can see, I lost this game on a recent visit. 

3. Colorful Late Night Patrons
 A picture is worth a thousand words...but in an effort to keep all of my teeth, I opted not to  snap pics of the surly bikers sitting nearby.

2. Cooks With Freakish Brainpower

Waffle House Chef.jpg
Misha Grosvenor

While many of us struggle to remember what we ate for breakfast, Waffle House cooks are able to remember dozens of orders without seeing a single order slip. They can also guess your age and weight with 95% accuracy.   

 1. The Jukebox

Misha Grosvenor
Everyone loves an old school jukebox, especially one that plays songs that were written before your great-grandmother was a speck in her mother's eye. There is something for everyone on the Waffle House jukebox. From Mystikal and The Dixie Chicks to Lou Bega and Dionne Warwick, Waffle House has got you covered. Three words: Birthday Party Dance-Off.

Happy Birthday Waffle House! May all of your wishes be scattered, smothered, and covered.

For the Waffle House nearest you, see the store locator.

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Misha, you've been cracking my ass up since 9th grade. Keep on keeping on.


They have a surprisingly decent cheesesteak sandwich. Or, at least, I remember it as such from several years ago...and possibly not sober. LOL

Misha Grosvenor
Misha Grosvenor

For me, Waffle House is a guilty pleasure. Sadly, I don't get to go as often as I would like since no one ever wants to join me. I'll have to try the cheesesteak sober so we can compare notes! :~)


I'll totally go with you. Waffle House date any time! Ha!

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