Starbucks Barista Writes The Most Awesome Song - And Gets Fired! (Video)

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Starbucks - latte for puppets.
Barista Chrissizle is just a talented guy pumping out venti lattes for rent money. So he took that talent and wrote the most awesome Starbucks song ever!

Like most mega-corporations, instead of giving this guy a raise, Starbucks fires him.

Sure, the song calls out rich people and ethnic stereotypes for pissing away tons of money on overpriced coffees and sugar-laden cream drinks. But, hey! Isn't that what Starbucks is all about?

Personally, we love the Starbucks song, because we feel really stupid every time we have to pay for coffee with a credit card that carries 17% interest because we don't have a spare seven bucks until payday.

And we secretly know that when we order a venti-extra hot-doppio-skim-caramel-latte with whipped cream instead of foam, the barista pours whatever shit he wants into the cup - and we never even realized...until we heard this song and the dark heart of a barista was finally revealed to us.

Here's the pre-firing song (upbeat):
And here's the more introspective post-firing song (still awesome):

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