Mario Batali Joins Anthony Bourdain and Tom Colicchio as a Simpsons Character

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mario batali.jpg
Matt Selman
Mario Batali looks a little yellow as a Simpsons character.
Someone in Simpsons-land is a complete and total foodie (or ran our of movie stars to feature) because this season of The Simpsons is turning out to be quite awesome.

First, we told you abour Anthony Bourdain and Tom Colicchio guest starring on the Season Premiere this Sunday, September 25th.


Now, we found out that Mario Batali is getting the same cartoon treatment. The Batali announcement was leaked out the same way as the Anthony Bourdain information - Simpsons Executive Producer Matt Selman sent out a Tweet!

We can't wait to see how this season turns out....we're predicting (hoping) a Paula Deen/Anthony Bourdain death match with the loser being force-fed Krispy Kreme Donuts or Pho (depending on the victor, of course).


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