Maggot Burgers, Raccoon on a Stick Are Big Hits at State Fairs

Jungle George's Exotic Meats and Bugs
And we thought maggots on your burger was a bad sign...
Remember when fried Oreos and pork parfait were the most outrageous food items at the fair?

In an effort to outdo fried butter, fried bubblegum, and Krispy Kreme burgers, Jungle George's Exotic Meats and Bugs is offering alternative protein items at the California State and Colorado State fairs.

Diners waited in long lines to chomp down on raccoon on a stick, bear, and python tenders in an attempt to outeat one another. The most popular offering, however, is usually what you see before running away from a fair food stand -- maggots!

Jungle George's Exotic Meats and Bugs offers the crawlers as a topping to buffalo burgers or in a melted cheese sandwich.  Seems as though people like them, and to be honest, they've got to be better for you than the fried bubblegum that's been getting so much press.

jungle george maggot.jpg
A bufalo burger with maggots. But please hold the pickles.
If you want to try some exotic meats yourself, Jungle George has a mail-order business where you can purchase some rattlesnake ($100), yak burgers ($11), or llama patties ($12.95). 

Bugs are available too. For four bucks, try some larva in Mexican spice, cheddar cheese, or BBQ flavor or some sour-cream-and-onion crickets ($4.50).

Oh, and in case bugs aren't your thing? Jungle George sells deep-fried butter and jelly beans too. Here's hoping Jungle George makes his way to South Florida this winter.

Here's some guy eating a buffalo maggot burger. Yum!

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