Glenn Beck, Bruno, and Dogs: Ten Best Lederhosen Models

Lederhosen - for when you totally want to ruin a family portrait.
It's that time of year again -- there's a chill in the air (in South Florida, that amounts to being able to go outside without being instantly vaporized by the sun), kids are back at school, and our thoughts turn to Oktoberfest.

The traditional attire of Oktoberfest is lederhosen for the guys, dirndls for the gals.

These short pants are traditionally made of leather and were used for everyday wear by hard-working Bavarian men and boys. Now, they're broken out for Oktoberfest and for when Hollywood needs a good laugh.

We found ten of the best lederhosen models -- from Glenn Beck to a pug dog -- we're counting them down for your enjoyment.

lederhosen petergriffin.jpg
Courtesy Fox
10. Peter Griffin. Family Guy dad and all-around screwup Peter Griffin wears lederhosen when William Shatner comes to town. We'd much rather see Lois in a dirndl.

lederhosen hedgehog lederhosen.jpg
9. Mr. Pricklepants. This lederhosen-wearing hedgehog may have been just "one of the toys," but, next to Woody, he was the best-dressed doll in Andy's room.

lederhosen larry hagman.jpg
8. Larry Hagman. Yup -- that's what J.R.'s up to these days. Larry Hagman and his wife, Maj Axelsson, dress up in traditional Bavarian garb and drink. Sounds good to us!

lederhosen grinch.jpg
7. The Grinch. The meanest guy at Christmas is one snappy dresser, as he proves in this photo with Ron Howard. Apparently this was one present that was so horrific they told Grinch -- "that's OK -- you keep it."

lederhosen dog.jpg
6. Pug. Sure he's not famous -- but he's a pug. In lederhosen. That's enough for us.

lederhosen european vacatuon.jpg
5. Chevy Chase and the cast of European Vacation. When the Griswolds win a trip on Pig in the Poke, they find themselves in Milan, London, and Bavaria. Wonder if there's a Wallyworld Europe?

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