Free Chicken at Pollo Tropical -- If You Dress in Yellow and Cluck Like a Chicken

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pollo chicken suit.jpg
You could wear this chicken suit to Pollo Tropical...we'll show you better ways to get your free food.
​Tomorrow, September 15th is National Chicken Lover's Day. Now, before you go out and get some roses and candy (corn) for that special chicken in your life (not that there's anything wrong with that), we're talking another kind of celebration.

Pollo Tropical wants to give you a free 1/4 chicken meal complete with rice and beans to anyone who walks into a Pollo Tropical, wearing yellow from head to toe - and clucks at the cashier. This clucking-good offer is good from 2 - 7 p.m. at all company-owned Pollo Tropical locations in Florida (if you have friends in Georgia or New Jersey who have chicken costumes, the offer is good there too).

In case you don't have an all-yellow outfit, we've come up with some creative ways to claim your free meal. Take our handy fashion advice, practice your clucking and you'll be enjoying a hot meal in no time. Here are five inexpensive ways to get your yellow on and get some free chicken:

pollo yellow trash bag.jpg
5. Yellow Trash Bag
Inexpensive and easy to wear, this one-size-fits-all outfit looks good, protects you from rain and is disposable. Just remember to poke a hole to breathe through.

pollo yellow hazmat suit.jpg

4. Hazmat suit
Both sexy and practical, this will get you free food and save you from a zombie apocalypse.

pollo yellow caution tape.jpg
3. Crime Scene Tape
For those that like to make a statement, this caution tape tells people that you're the kind of person that's a little dangerous...and a lot crazy.

pollo yellow recycling bin.jpg
2. Yellow Recycle Bin
This is a great idea for a couple. One of you gets in the bin, while the other can dress in caution tape and wheel you in. The result? Free food for both of you!

pollo yellow spray can.jpg
1. Yellow Spray Paint
When all else fails, buy a can of paint and go crazy. Hint: spray the paint over old clothes, not your naked self. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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