Domino's Founder to Debut Military-Themed Burger Shop in Florida

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Domino's founder and former U.S. Marine Tom Monaghan, 74, announced over the weekend his plans to open the first Gyrene Burger in Naples, Florida, in two months, with the third slated to open in southwest Florida in January, announced Nation's Restaurant News today.

Branded the Marine nickname (G.I. and Marine), Gyrene Burger offers two patties on a bun with bacon and cheese for $5.99. The Classic is dressed with ketchup, mustard, and a pickle, while the Deluxe features lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.

Monaghan told the Naples News he intends to keep his concept simple: no sides, no drinks, no seating, and no drive-throughs.

Delivery, of course, is a centerpiece of Gyrene Burger, conceived by the guy whose original pizza-delivery service launched with a 30-minute guarantee. Employees called "Gyrene Joggers" go through "Burger Boot Camp." At dropoff, they'll salute and call customers "sir" and "ma'am." The goal is to keep deliveries within 1.5 miles from the shop and for food to arrive within 15 minutes of an order.

Monaghan told the Naples News that he plans to franchise and believes it could become a bigger success than Domino's, which he sold in 1998.

South Floridians inspired to make the pilgrimage can visit the shop at 31 Ninth St. S. in Naples. In the meantime, Clean Plate Charlie will keep you updated with Monaghan's expansion plans following tomorrow's interview.

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Laine Doss
Laine Doss

For the first time in, like, ever - I am at a loss for words. Correct me if I'm wrong - just a burger for six bucks - no fries, no soda. Stellar plan.


So no fries? And if you're thirsty, too bad? : /


food & bombs, glory be


Just a burger for $6. It's gourmet since the meat has never been frozen. . . No word about why that's gourmet yet, since it could be grade D unfrozen meat.

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