Win Two Tickets to This Friday's Delray Bus Loop

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The Delray Beach Bus Loop is slated for September 23 -- this Friday -- and we've got two tickets to give away, a $40 prize.

The loop is the first in Delray Beach, the proceeds of which will benefit the Delray Beach Public Library and The Gator Club Scholarship Fund, among other organizations.

Participating restaurants include Deck 84, The Hurricane Lounge, The Sundy House, Falcon House, Caliente Kitchen, Bull Bar, Sail Inn Tavern, Kevro's Art Bar, and Pepe's Hideaway. Receive a free drink at each venue and stay in each spot as long as you wish.

How to win tickets?

In the comments, name four mother sauces and a factoid about each of them: what it's used for or how it's made, for example. Be pithy and clever in your response.

Don't forget to link to your email in the comments so I can contact you should you win on Friday.

The Delray Bus Loop check begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Delray Beach Public Library. For more information, click here.

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Andy shinn
Andy shinn

Vinaigrette - this is easy.  oil and vinegar then just start adding spices to tweak as desired. this is the mother of the mother sauces (as it is the only one I really like).

Béchamel - it's thick and white.  you're not pronouncing it correcly if it doesn't sound like you have phlegm in your throat

Espagnole - brown sauce - a fancy upgrade from water and a beef boulion cube

Hollandaise - butter, eggs lemon, what's not to like?  turns out when you mix them together, it becomes a nasty mixture of heartattack and why am i eating this.  Just give me some bacon, eggs and grits already.


That's a pretty sad lineup

Lorrie M.
Lorrie M.

19th-century French chef Antonin Carême  is the one who is responsible  for the the five mother sauces. Sauce is very important because it is the first thing to touch your tongue, therefore the first thing you taste.Here are the classic mother sauces. The directions ask for four, but actually there are five.1. Bechemel: This is the classic white sauce. It is often referred to as a cream sauce, because of its appearance.2.Veloute: This is a stock based white sauce.Egg yolks or cream is sometimes added.3.Espagnole: This is a brown sauce. It is made of meat stock and a variety of browned vegetables. It must be constantly stirred to prevent lumps.4.Hollandaise: This is an emulsion of egg yolks, lemon juice and butter.It is used to embellish egg, vegetable and fish dishes.5. Vinagrette: This is a sauce of oil, vinegar and spices.It is used to dress greens, salads and cold meat dishes.



If we are simply naming mother sauces, it is helpful to know that mother sauces are known in classical French cooking!  Oui, oui!

1)  Brown sauce (really known as espagnole), and VERY flavorful. The meat base that was referred to above was originally created with veal sauce and sauce espagnole. It is more like a veal stock. Used as a base for other sauces, but can make your awful cooking creation much better by putting it on top!

2)  Tomato sauce.  Seems so dull in the sauce world, but there is so much greatness to it!  Added to the mother sauces list in the early 20th century and we should all be thankful for it.  Obviously made with a base of tomatoes and Italian herbs.  Great with pasta and on pizza, but it has moved on to bigger and better things liiiike - dipping sauce for your mozzarella sticks!3)  Hollandaise sauce.  Ohhh the sauce that makes my brunch SO much better.  What is eggs benedict without the hollandaise?!  An emulsion of egg yolk and butter, it gets to tasting way better as soon as they add the lemon.  I thank the creators of hollaindaise for have the skill to not cook the egg while heating them up to create this masterful sauce.4)  Béchameil sauce.  Yes, originally from France, but have you ever tried béchameil in lasagna?  I mean, seriously... if you haven't you need to get on that.  A white sauce made from mixing some hot scalding milk into a flour-butter roux.  I thank my lucky stars to this mother of a sauce.  It makes tummys (especially mine) happy!  :D

Alexander Raymond Moschina
Alexander Raymond Moschina

Espagnole - A brown sauce with a meat base. One of few dressings you shouldn't actually put on your food.

Hollandaise - Made of eggs and fat. It's like mayonnaise for your breakfast!

Vinagrette - A simple sauce made of oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Great for easily impressing people who don't know you can make your own salad dressing.

Béchamel - Named after Louis de Béchamel, a financial manager who was only slightly richer than the sauce named after him.


hmmm.. unfortunately the formatting of my list came out not too hot.  Hopefully you can see my four numbered sauces clearly!  :)

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