Budweiser's Not Just for Drinking: It's an Ice Cream Flavor at Riverside Market

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I've been on a quest to track down restaurants that cook with beer, pinning down less than a handful. This morning, I was reminded that beer is used as an ingredient in my own neighborhood at Riverside Market.

It was quiet before the brunch crowd,
and so was owner Julian Siegel coming off last night's Bellator fight championships at the Hard Rock. "I see you scribbling," he said, voice raspy from cheering. Budweiser ice cream with peanuts and pretzels caught my eye so I was catching up on work and eating some ice cream for breakfast. 

Perhaps I should not admit that Bud is my go-to beer in an article on Riverside, a temple to brews. Add my favorite beer to the yin yang combination of salt and sweet and I'm sold. Even at 9 a.m. this frozen lager concoction is an ice cream that's unique yet not strange. 

It's not just Bud that's used as an ice cream ingredient, says Siegel. All ice cream made in house showcases a beer, with each quart batch containing a full bottle. Today's flavors are a Stone Chocolate Cherry Stout, Wild Blueberry from Boulder Beer Company, and Wells Banana Bread-which is deliciously true to its name. 

Siegel said they'll be creating more savory flavors in the coming weeks. "I want a flavor that's a straight up beer, no fruit," said a line cook. Which beer they'll choose next is the question. Any suggestions?

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Never thought of malted and hopped beer flavor as going well with sweet ice cream but I could be wrong.

The Pulp Blog
The Pulp Blog

I had that Stone Chocolate Cherry Stout the other day at Brother Tucker's, and wow, it was one of the best beers I've ever had. It must make an awesome ice cream.

But hey, did you say Bud is your go-to beer? You're not going to live this one down.

John L.
John L.

Stout floats are badass :D

John L.
John L.

Bud ice cream sounds like a plane of my own personal hell!


i know, i know it's bad. an old friend happened to end up the budweiser lobbyist so i always ended up drinking it at sunday suppers in dc. i liked it so much i was part of a six pack with five friends for halloween one year.  i know good beers, i just always end up falling back to bud heavy. horrifying. i need some schoolin'.

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