Clean Plate Charlie Night at PL8; Win Ann Burrell's Cook Like a Rock Star

The cucumber martini at PL8
We're doing a little housekeeping on the blog with a one-two punch. The first is a reminder to mark your calendar for October 6, Clean Plate Charlie Night at PL8, during which diners at the restaurant between 6 and 9 p.m. can weigh in on menu items to help shape the final cut.

At the close of the meal,
customers will receive ballots that allow each patron to provide feedback on pluses, minuses, and in-betweens for the newly revamped restaurant.This isn't a limited-seating, communal-table event. It's available to all diners who attend the restaurant during designated hours. 

And two, for those of you looking for free stuff, we've got a copy of the new Ann Burrell cookbook, Cook Like a Rock Star. Burrell is host of Food Network's Secrets of a Restaurant Chef and cohost of a new show with Bobby Flay, Worst Cooks in America, for which she recently held auditions in Miami. Readers who'd like a copy of the book, the question is this: In the comments, tell us two common mistakes of the inexperienced cook. Be clever. And be sure to include your email address. The winner will be chosen Friday morning.

Follow Clean Plate Charlie on Facebook and on Twitter: @CleanPlateBPB.

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210 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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ted anthony inserra
ted anthony inserra

just the tip of the iceburg......just ask Laine, she will tell you!!

ted anthony inserra
ted anthony inserra

i always have trouble on the HAMBURGER/TUNA HELPER preperation, why is there no bread in the box? What's the deal with the really dry particles? If you just add milk can it be a BREAKFAST HELPER? can it be grilled helper? anyway, #1-to confusing directions on boxes, and please print bigger.....#2-confusing with fresh/frozen with either fresh or frozen? which is it if is called freh/frozen, if i thaw it, then freeze it--is it-fresh/frozen/frozen/fresh? and what are the tres leches? 


Is your running commentary in the kitchen as amusing as your comments? Always appreciate yours. It's been quiet over here, though its better than tomato throwing.

Btw. Your place is always busy! It's those golden (yolked) eggs.

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