The Lodge Bar and Grill in Boca Raton: Closed?

Are the burger wars set to commence in Boca?

Another one bites the dust? Looks like fans of microbeers served by young ladies in micro-shorts will have to look elsewhere in Boca Raton for their weekly pint of Magic Hat. For all intents and purposes, the Lodge Beer and Grill (yes, that's how they marketed it) in Boca Raton -- which recently took honors as the New Times' Best Bar for Northerners to Feel at Home -- appears to be closed. Sometime in July, the windows of the neighborhood pub were covered in the way that suggests there's "nothing to see here, folks. Move along."

Numerous calls to the bar's only listed phone number turned up an endlessly ringing line -- no answering service or voice-mail evident. The Lodge's Facebook group page -- The Lodge Boca --  hasn't been updated since July 11 (and only then by someone who seemed to not exactly be in mourning over the loss). Meanwhile, the last Twitter update for @LodgeBoca was tweeted nearly a month ago on July 2, reading: "$2 Rolling Rock Pints 7pm-Close. Happy Hour is 4pm-7pm with 50% off all Drafts." Side note: Rolling Rock? Gross.

Without official confirmation from an owner or manager, any comment about what is or is not happening in the space is purely speculative, but given that a sign on the front door says "Coming Soon Boca Burger Bar," it seems safe to assume that the Lodge will no longer reside at 200 S. Federal Highway.

An online search turns up no info about the forthcoming Boca Burger Bar. We'll let you know of any developments related to the Lodge and/or the Boca Burger Bar (which, presumably is not an outlet for Boca brand meat-free burgers).

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Lodge Beer and Grill - CLOSED

200 S. Federal Highway, Boca Raton, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Too bad they closed.  They really had something going.....  Casual atmosphere, high quality beers at a value price.   Not to mention drink specials.  Can't believe WOB far out West in Coconut Creek is reason this place closed.   ...Has to be something else going on there.


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The place went really down hill once Phaan left.  World of Beer took all of their customers.  The place stopped offering a decent selection of beer.  It became really generic.

Tricia Woolfenden
Tricia Woolfenden

On my most recent visits this spring and summer they seldom had my first choice available, even though I always ordered from their list. One time in particular, I had to cycle through 3 or 4 choices, all of which were out, until finally landing on something that was available. Since it's so close to home, I hoped it was a fluke - guess not. Bummer, but at least Funky Buddha is just up the road.

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