Taco Bell Nachos Supreme: Drunk Food for Under a Buck

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Taco Bell's Nachos Supreme - drunk food done right.
Sure, when we're sober, we turn up our noses at the thought of Taco Bell (eating it is neither good for our image as foodies nor good for fitting into our skinny jeans).

But after a happy hour at Himmarshee Bar & Grille that turns into a late night at Elbo Room, the local Taco Bell looks mighty appealing to us -- especially after we spent all our money on booze.
From now until August 27, Taco Bell is offering its Nachos Supreme for only 99 cents! Nacho chips dripping with neon-yellow nacho cheese sauce are topped with seasoned beef*, sour cream, beans, and tomatoes.

In case you're wondering what exactly happened last night... your friends put you in a cab, you didn't lose your iPhone (look between the couch cushions), you did drunk-dial your ex... and those Taco Bell Nachos Supreme contain 440 calories, 24 grams of fat, and 680 milligrams of sodium! 

*By the way, that Taco Bell class action lawsuit that claimed that Taco Bell wasn't using real beef has been dropped... Here's Taco Bell President Gary Creed (who has what seems to be an Australian accent) explaining that Taco Bell does use real beef:

And here's the Taco Bell dog out on a date:

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Tool Rules!
Tool Rules!

Can't tell if that is a before or after nacho picture......


Looks like it goes well with a cold one!


Does LD get credit for 2 blog posts by posting this twice?

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