Happy Hour: RA Sushi Bar in Pembroke Gardens

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To quote Ol' Dirty Bastard (something I hope to never do again), "Baby I like it Ra." At least I did while drunk and full of edamame at RA Sushi in Pembroke Pines.

Tucked inside the always-happening Pembroke Gardens plaza, RA Sushi has quickly made a name for itself as the western suburbs' go-to place for happy hour. Its layout is open and inviting and it's successfully captured a minimalist, yet modern, Asian decor. Thick bamboo poles separate the wide bar area from the lantern-lit dining room (probably a good idea, as we wouldn't want young children to see the madness that goes on after several sake bombs!).

And it even boasts an

outside patio (if your date is blah blah lame at least you can people watch). RA looks like the hip place you envision when you're thinking, "sushi, sake and well, some other cheap drinks to compliment the buzz you're getting off the sake."

If you're willing to drink something served up with a cherry, I recommend the Shiso Naughty ($7). It made me feel like Paris Hilton in Beijing (at least I thought so after my second one). As for rolls, go with the Viva Las Vegas Roll ($7). It's part imitation crab, but the spicy tuna and sweet eel sauce make it money in the bank. The Tootsy Maki Roll ($5) and saki sangrias ($5) are also worth trying. I liked the white sangria, though the red had better fruit... can't win them all. Though I guess you could drink them all. Might be fun?

Most importantly, don't bother with dessert. They have free candy at the host stand! Eat a couple of those and get another round of drinks. Good drinks.

Who: You after a long day. *Doesn't matter if that was a long day of working or just laying around on the couch watching E!

What: $2 sake / $3 domestic beer / $4 well drinks and foreign beers / click here for more

Where: RA Sushi 201 SW 145th Terrace (Shops at Pembroke Gardens), Pembroke Pines

When: Mon-Sat 3-7pm

Like Paris Hilton in Beijing. 

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Location Info

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant

201 SW 145 Terrace, Pembroke Pines, FL

Category: Restaurant

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This man in hilarious. Can't wait to read more of his reviews!!!

Bond,James Bond
Bond,James Bond

This is a good review, It's interesting, Descriptive and informative. I would actually go to this place(based off this review)  if i lived in Florida.

Daniel Dickey
Daniel Dickey

Jessica you're totally right. They have a Dj and just added a 8pm-12pm specials.


Sundays are the best and they have great music!!

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