Five Bars to Get Your Morning Swerve On

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Sometimes you're in the mood to skip the weekend's amateur hours and pony up with the professionals. Morning bars are just the spots. Here's a list of places to tie one on just a coupla hours past sunup.
1. The Hut. Though the bar reads "package store," the place attracts more than drunks. When I stopped by the other night, some industry folks put back a few, a bike posse played a few rounds of shuffleboard, a trannie couple made out, and a gaggle of drunk girls belted tunes from hip hop's golden age. Though I'm guessing it's not so animated at 7 a.m., there's always the owner Zero (aka Larry Zimmerman) to entertain you. 

​2. Rock Hard Tacos: Sex up your tacos at this Southern California-inspired joint with a selection of breakfast tacos and burritos to pair with an 8 a.m. brew. 
​3. Bahia Cabana Beach Resort Bar: Who can resist a 7 to 11 a.m. happy hour by the beach? Sounds like the place for sipping a pina colada, reading the Sunday New York Times and getting an eyeful. 

​4. Riverside Market. I can't say enough good things about this place, which, incidentally, opens at 7 a.m. daily. Hard liquor fans, you're out of luck, but with 200 beers, a handful of ciders, and a solid selections of wines, you're bound to find something to please you. 

​5. Elbo Room. Sleep in until 10 a.m. and join the touristas for opening hour at this iconic watering hole. 

What have I missed? The criteria are that they're open before 11 a.m. and I'm not the only one there.

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Miss you, and wish I could come grab an am drink with you!


Why bring someone in from out of town to just do the same tired old crap?


I think the Downtowner opens before 11a.m. plus they have a Bloody Mary bar on Saturdays.


How about every hotel and every place with a wine and beer license that serves breakfast?

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