Deal of the Day: Get Half-Priced Fare at M Bar in Fort Lauderdale

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M Bar in Fort Lauderdale has a new menu -- and a new lunch menu is what we're featuring here. 

From burgers and flatbreads, to pulled pork and salads -- this is more casual than the ambitious small-plates dinner menu first introduced and featured crispy pig ears, fresh creamed hearts of palm with grilled octopus, and a sweetbreads riff on chicken and waffles. 

Although these items will remain on the dinner menu until a new chef revamps it, our favorite picks are creative dishes that focus on a selection of flatbreads ($10 to $12), as well as several new burger combos on brioche. 

We like the one topped with tomato, sharp cheddar, and fried egg [$14].) Mancini recommends the grouper tacos with lime and crème fraiche ($9), however. 

"It's a big piece of fish," he told New Times.

Plate glass windows and 360-degree bar offers a slew of vantage points for people-watching, while flat screens animate overhead at the bar. And orange accents, dark floors, and leather upholstery warm up the 3,500-square-foot space.

Sound good? Then take advantage of today's deal. For today only, you can get $40 worth of food and drink for just $20 at M Bar. Simply visit our Deal of the Day site to cash on big-time savings.

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1301 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I doubt editors are too concerned about this posting, if they even exist at village voice media.  This isn't an article, this is an advertisement--BarM, while attractive, is run like a Baltic Republic and they need the 50% off deal to try to put some butts in the seats.  Its a shame too, properly executed it could have been a real hit.


It's been widely reported, including by New Times, that the bro/sis team has left M Bar and the menu has changed substantially. Hath you no editors with a clue?

Web Editor
Web Editor

Thank you for pointing out the error.

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