Chef Allen's to Become Luca Bella

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Once a restaurant on South Florida's culinary cutting edge, Allen Susser's now-departed Chef Allen's in Aventura will next month become the region's 10 bazillionth Italian eatery. 

The coming Luca Bella promises a menu of family-style "Italian comfort food," mostly Southern Italian with assorted Italian-American dishes throw in for good measure, according to proprietor Mickey Maltese. 

The ex-owner of Matteo's Italian Restaurant in Hallandale says the menu will feature an assortment of pastas and seafood as well as dishes like double-cut pork chops with cherry peppers and onions and veal chops layered with mozzarella and prosciutto and topped with marsala mushroom sauce. 

A complete renovation is in the works too, giving the 200-seat restaurant an outdoor patio, private dining room, 20-seat bar, and several big-screen TVs. 

Oh, well, at least it isn't a steak house.

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Cant wait for Luca Bella!!!!Mickey will knock it out of the park!!

For Bill Citara" oh well..... another guy doing restaurant reviews"If your so bored, try opening your own.

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