Anthony Bourdain Hates Cinnabon, Olive Garden on Colbert Report

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Anthony Bourdain boils with rage at the sight of an Olive Garden.
Anthony Bourdain, snarky eater and demigod, visited Stephen Colbert to talk about his Travel Channel Show No Reservations, eating in America and the experience of chomping down on tiny endangered birds whole.

Colbert actually had the upper hand on Bourdain (no mean feat to outsnark the king of snark) when he noted that in this season's show, Bourdain visits Haiti and Cuba. Colbert asks the question that's been on all our minds: "Why not travel to places that have food?"

Colbert then goes on to say that although he doesn't understand food, he does understand anger -- and Tony always seems angry. Bourdain then says that maybe it's his inner chef speaking, but he can't "drive past a Chili's or Olive Garden and not boil with rage."

By the way, what's the most grotesque thing Bourdain's ever eaten in his life on the road? Could it be snake heart, giant grubs, or fried cricket? Nope -- it's Cinnabon!

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