Today: Free Garlic Lover's Chicken Breast with any purchase at Panda Express

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Late night summer hours and garlic? Seems like Panda Express is trying to ward off some vampires.
On Wednesday 13th, Panda Express will offer a free (with coupon) entree-sized portion of their new dish, Garlic Lover's Chicken Breast, with ANY purchase.

Other than the garlic garnished chicken -- broccoli, baby corn, red bell peppers and black bean sauce make up the rest of the entree.

Not only does garlic have 17 amino acids, but you could pair it with a two-dollar order of crab ragoons or a side of white rice for a meal less than three dollars.

And do not worry if you cannot make it for lunch or dinner -- Panda's new store hours vary closing between 10-10:30pm.

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