Chris Hansen Busted at Manalapan Ritz-Carlton

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​"Hey, why don't you have a seat right over there?" Think that's what Mary Joan Hansen, wife of Dateline NBC's Chris Hansen, might say when they next meet?

On Dateline's "To Catch a Predator," a sad and predictable little affair where Hansen sets up men who want to have sex with underage females and then practically jumps up and down and rubs his hands in glee when they fall into his trap, is now on the receiving end of the journalism nail-gun.

Well, it was actually The National Enquirer that evidently pulled a little Gary Hart/Donna Rice sting, starting at the Manalapan Ritz-Carlton restaurant. Last Friday, he was filmed having a mushy little nosh session with WPTV/Channel 5 reporter Kristyn Caddell. Seems a few months back they met at the Blue Martini in Palm Beach and got a little, well, smitten.

After dinner, the cameras kept rolling, following the two back to Caddell's place, where they stayed until 8 a.m. Various sources have insisted the two have been banging for months, which isn't illegal,,,20507102,00.html, but sure turns the linen-covered, candle-lit dining table on Hansen a bit.

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They need to do a long term investigation of John Walsh.. Mark Lunsford...and others.

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