Food Blogger Takes on Panera Bread, Creates Gluten-Free Menu

Start with the recipe for caramel pecan rolls!
Namely Marly, a food blogger from Missouri, recently went to her local Panera Bread to dine with a friend. While perusing the breakfast menu she was shocked by the lack of gluten-free options.

As Marly asked on her blog "Are they not aware of the growing number of people who are flocking toward gluten-free lifestyles?" So she contacted her friend Allyson Kramer, creator of Manifest Vegan, and together they came up with "Our Panera's Gluten-Free Dream Day."
Marly, Kramer, and other bloggers passionate about the gluten-free movement created and contributed their own recipes for items that would be popular at Panera's bread bar. has links to recipes for everything from gluten-free caramel pecan rolls to gluten-free jalapeno cheddar bagels to orange scones.

If you've tried any of Namely Marly's recipes please let us know!

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Marly Mcb
Marly Mcb

Thanks for this article. We all had a great time coming up with gluten-free versions of these cafe food favorites!


Does she also go to a rib shack and demand tofu vegetarian options? Just go to another restaurant, open your own, or cook at home. Ridiculous.

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