Forget the Bacon and Blue Cheese; Here's Dean Martin's Burger Recipe

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When it comes to cooking meat like a goldang man, it's worth taking a look back to the middle of the past century, when chauvinism and functioning alcoholism hung in the air like aerosolized fat and vegetarianism was confined to parts of town where not even Deano himself would venture in a suit and tie.

The legendary entertainer and Rat Pack member knew how to do more than just croon about amore -- he was also something of a cook. Not a fussy, Jamie Oliver-type cook; more of an apply-fire-to-tenderized-flesh type of deal.

So while we debate over the "best burger" in town and pay dearly for truffle oil and flavored aiolis, Dean brings us a recipe from a simpler time. Inside: his recipe for the "Martin Burger."

via @LettersOfNote and Lapham's Quarterly
Nobody will dispute the harmonic achievement of pairing burgers and a good bourbon whiskey. As for the cooking technique? We agree.

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Jack Johnson Banana Pancakes

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