Conan O'Brien Pumps and Strokes His Meat With Myron Mixon: Video

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Conan likes to stroke his meat.
​Just in time for Independence Day grilling, Myron Mixon, author of The New York Times bestseller Smokin', demonstrates some Barbeque techniques to Team Coco.

Of course, this degenerates quickly from a serious cooking lesson to hilarity. First, Mixon asks Conan help him make Sausage stuffed bacon wrapped turkey. Here's a hand hint from Mixon - put your sausage in the freezer before you poke it!

As Conan proceeds to rub his meat (get your brains out of the gutter - we're talking seasoning his food with paprika and garlic), Mixon grabs his Boston Butt and shows Conan how to "pump it and stroke it. See the meat swelling?"

Hilarious - and delicious. The end result is so good, in fact, that Conan says, I'm having a heart attack right now!" Watch after the jump:

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