Candace Crawford and Tony Romo Are Registered at Crate and Barrel

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Romo and Crawford -- married and in need of kitchen supplies.
It's not really news that Candace Crawford and Tony Romo got hitched. The story is centuries old -- football star marries former beauty queen.

Like any young couple, they're in love and in desperate need of kitchen supplies. That's probably why they registered at Crate and Barrel.

If you didn't get an invite to the wedding, you can still get the newlyweds a tasteful (and affordable) gift.

Apparently the Romos have a champagne budget with beer tastes, because the stuff they picked out is pretty darned cheap. Here's a list of some of the items they are looking to feather their nest with:


A French Fry Holder for $5.95

French Fry Holder Liners for $1.50

A Salsa Striped Dishtowel for $2.95

Three Amber tealights at $.50 each

Book - Recipes Every Man Should Know $9.95

A Pizza Wheel $11.95


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Food Lovers
Food Lovers

french fries, pizza and salsa... fancy!


Such a "down to earth" couple. NOT!

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