Pizza Hut and Burger King Execs Gamble on NBA Finals

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Brian Niccol, General Manager of Pizza Hut U.S., and Steve Wiborg, President of Burger King Corp., North America

In a move that's just as hokey but not quite as tear-jerking as an episode of Undercover Boss, executives from Pizza Hut (which is based in Dallas) and and Burger King (based in Miami) have announced that they are wagering on the NBA Finals. If the Dallas Mavericks win, Steve Wiborg, President of Burger King Corp., North America, will go

to Texas and spend a day at Pizza Hut, and if the Miami Heat win, then Brian Niccol, Pizza Hut General Manager, will come to BK in the 305.

If you ask us, this would have been a way cooler promotion if, rather than send a rich guy on a little trip to "work" in the competition's restaurant for the day (c,mon -- you know they will probably go play golf), they had awarded a trip to one of their lower-level employees, like the employee of the year, the best burger flipper, or the person who cleans up special sauce off the floor.  (At least BK isn't sending its global boss, who recently disparaged all the women and the food of his home country, England).

Anyway, their statements are below:

From Niccol: "From our pizza to our prices, Pizza Hut is known for being unmatched," said "That's why we decided to make an unmatched wager with our friends at Burger King Corp. We're glad to hear they've accepted. Mr. Wiborg better get ready for the heat of the Pizza Hut ovens. We are sizing up his apron now."

From Wiborg: "We're confident Miami will flame-broil Dallas in the finals and bring home a 'WHOPPER®' of a victory," said Steve Wiborg, president, Burger King Corp., North America. "Mr. Niccol's BURGER KING® crew gear is already washed and pressed and our teams here can't wait to help him sharpen his grilling skills by making 'America's Favorite Burger'. See you in Miami."

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Mike Dukes
Mike Dukes

yea.. Im 1000% more down to see the New Times version of the wager. These dudes have enough money.

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