Nick's Apizza Resurfacing in Boca

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Nick Laudano, who's fine but short-lived Nick's Apizza introduced Lake Worth to the joys of New Haven-style pizza, will debut his new, much bigger and more ambitious pizzeria in Boca Raton's Glades Plaza this July. 

Renamed Nick's New Haven-Style Pizzeria & Bar, the 4,600-square-foot restaurant, bar, and lounge will serve the thin-crusted pies that are a signature of New Haven, Connecticut, including the iconic white clam apizza, made with fresh-shucked Rhode Island littlenecks. Also on the menu will be Hummel hot dogs, paninis, salads, a pasta of the week, and house-made cheesecake. 

To flesh out the space, Laudano and partner Anthony Giovanniello brought in noted Fort Lauderdale designer Karen Hanlon, whose credits include Racks Downtown Eatery + Tavern in Boca Raton and YOLO on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale.  

Among the style points are a 1940s-inspired kitchen pantry and ceiling papered with advertisements from the 1920s and 1930s. There will also be a to-go window and indoor bar that flows into the outdoor patio. Laudano himself designed and built the brick pizza ovens.

And, BTW, apizza is pronounced "ah-BEETZ."

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Brett, Dianna and Stacy
Brett, Dianna and Stacy

Just recently open, a new wonderful addition to our Boca Dining choises.The first impression was quite positive. Perfectly chosen backround music, beautiful mosaique tile floors, dark wood, dark thick leather booths and a very stylish bar with a outside section.The pizza's, or APIZZA, so they call it, turned out to be the best Pizza I have ever tasted. We ordered a 18' pie (looked much bigger) crust was thin and crunchy, plenty of toppings are available. We choose (of course) Pepperoni and Meatball, garnished with fresh Mushrooms and those delicious Hot Cherry Peppers. My girlfriend and her sister shared two of thoses Flatbreads, one was caramelized Onion, Gorgonzola & Thyme (personally I hate gorgonzola, but the girls love it) and the other bread was incredable: Prosciutto Parmesan. As thin sliced as it should be. Mouth watering.Acompanied by a nice Bottle Chianti, (turned out to be 2) we had a wonderful time. Our server was new (guess they are only open for a week) but sweet, helpful and extremely attentive.So my friends and I recommend this new upscale Pizzeria highly, but keep in mind they are still in the "soft opening".

Ditmar, Brett, Dianna, Stacy


yeah, you could please elaborate on what New Haven style pizza is all about? Does that mean if any random city in anywhere USA decides to create a "style" of pizza, we should honor it and considerate an authentic, genuine, SPECIAL way to cook pizza? Geez, if that's the case, I'm SO starting an authentic Royal Palm Beach style pizza. Yeah. It's gonna be awesome....


I've never heard of New Haven style pizzas......

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