Jon Stewart Goes On Rampage About Palin and Trump's Pizza Flubs

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Comedy Central
Jon Stewart schools us in pizza eating
Jon Stewart went off like a bottle rocket on Donald Trump and Sarah Palin's decision to dine together at a Times Square pizza joint the other day.

Nop, he didn't touch on politics, though I'm sure he wanted to. What really got him going was...the pizza!

You see, New York City prides itself on having some of the best pizza in the world (and Stewart gives a shout out to some of the best in the video - so take notes if you're planning a trip to the Big Apple). Donald Trump grew up in New York so he should at least know a few (at least a few expensive ones). And generally you want to impress an out-of-town guest (when my friends come in I like to take them to places better than, say, Taco Bell for a meal).

But The Donald took Sarah Palin for (gosh-darn) pizza at Famous Famiglia, a 30-location chain owned by Albanians. This restaurant (if you can call it that) generally serves pizza to tourists or drunks.

Watch Stewart cry with anger and shame as The Donald eats pizza with a fork (??!!!!???) and "stacks" his slice, then schools Trump on the proper way to eat a slice.


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Why do you insist on writing about subjects you know nothing about? Famiglia is fine. Even the worst pizza guy likes it.

Obama usually eats at little mom and pop places. It makes for a better photo op. I doubt Palin can get decent pizza in Wasilla.


I think Jon Stewart should take Sarah Palin out for real NYC pizza.   Could make a funny show!


I concur. Famiglia is AOK. Nay on the fork though.


At least you know what you speak of.

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