The Hoffsicle: David Hasselhoff's Popsicle Impostor

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Go ahead. Lick my abs.
Thanks to Del Monte, you can beat the summer heat by licking fruit juice off of David Hasselhoff's chiseled abs.

No, it's not the newest summer reality show. It's a Popsicle. The design is flawless, from the sweeping mane to the chiseled abs. The cold treat mixed with the sweltering summer temperatures will make you think you're doing body shots off the iconic Baywatch star.

Here's a video of Hasselhoff having an incestuous love affair with his fruit-juice impostor.

We haven't figured out whether you can actually buy these in stores, so if anyone gets a hold of some, please alert us!

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Govt Mule
Govt Mule

Will it lay drunken on the floor of the bathroom when it melts?

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