Boca Town Center Mall Transforms Food Court to Cafés

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Just as a new generation of food trucks is replacing the old (and usually terrible) "roach coach," giant malls are also redoing their "food courts" to be less like mass feeding troughs and more like places people might actually want to eat. 

Case in point, Boca's Town Center Mall, which is redesigning its massive food court to become something called "The Cafés at Boca." Both the space and the restaurants will be upgraded, with a more contemporary look to include clerestory windows to let in more light, new lighting fixtures, extensive retiling, banquette seating, and spiffier bathrooms. 

On the food front, new tenants will include the Earl of Sandwich and an Asian eatery, Tobu, with other restaurants slated to enter but not yet confirmed. The court/cafés will remain open while work progresses, with a completion date slated for October.

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I really don't understand this movie. I work in Town Center and you can't find an empty seat on a busy weekend and now there's going to be even less. Plus there's already 2 places that serve Chinese food really.

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