Flight Crew Flies 2,500 Miles for Primanti Bros.

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Photo by Rachael Joyner
Pastrami sandwich: Totally worth wasting jet fuel.
Primanti Bros. is a legendary Pittsburgh restaurant and pizzeria known for its monstrous pizzas and popular "Pittsburgher" sandwich.

We've been known to frequent the 24-hour Primanti Bros. location in Fort Lauderdale after a few too many... cigarettes. 

But massive hunger aside, there's a reason that people flock to the restaurant: Its food is delicious and greasy, just like good American food should be.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, one flight crew aboard a Boeing 747-8 had a serious case of the munchies. The crew decided to fly eight hours and 2,500 miles to the Primanti Bros. location in Pittsburgh after Paul Shank, Boeing Co. flight test director, handed menus to his crew while they were in Seattle.

Their cravings were evidently well-rewarded.

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