Five Ways to Play With Your Wiener

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Like mom always sure to wrap your weiner.
We've managed to go without mentioning Anthony Weiner and all the wiener jokes that go with him... until now.

We figure if the president can mention Weiner, we can too. Unlike POTUS, we're not calling for the congressman's resignation; we're trying to help him out. We've compiled five ways to play with your wiener that both Democrats and Republicans can agree are delicious and scandal-free.



5. This hot dog octopus is made by cutting tentacles into your wiener with a knife before boiling. The hot dog tentacles will coil when cooked.


 4. Roll cooked pieces of hot dogs into sushi rice and seaweed to make these hot dog sushi rolls. Mix wasabi and mustard together for a dipping sauce.





3. Roll canned croissant or dinner roll dough around a hot dog to "mummify" it, then bake to make these little mummy hot dogs.



​2. Stick uncooked spaghetti into and through uncooked hot dogs and boil to make "hairy wieners."




1. Sure you can buy a gadget, but just take a knife and cut legs and arms into a hot dog, boil your little wiener, and add a tater-tot head. Voila! You have an anatomically incorrect wiener man.​

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Cute! I understand that there is an Anthony Wiener doll that has working parts available now.

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