'Breastaurants' Branch Extends Beyond Hooters

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If you got it, flaunt it?
It used to be that if men wanted to rip the meat off a chicken leg while staring down a sexy, buxom waitress they had to head over to Hooter's. But Entrepreneur Magazine is reporting that 'breastaurants,' or restaurants that use a scantily-clad business model, are set to exceed other restaurant models. 

According to Entrepreneur's article Hooter's profits alone average $1 billion a year thanks to the 80s' tights and little, orange shorts delicious wings. Other establishments have popped up around the country like the cleverly named Twin Peaks, which has locations like New Mexico and Texas.

There's at least one popular 'breastaurant' chain in South Florida too. We were excited to learn that Brick House Tavern + Tap falls into this category. That means that the next time we want to hunker down with some red meat and lovely ladies we have a prime dining spot to take the family.
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Brick House Tavern and Tap - CLOSED

1451 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Maybe $1B in total net revenue annually but not profit....no friggin way.

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