Frog Lovers Protest Uncle Julio's in Boca Raton for Serving Frog Legs

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Frog's legs -- fried or sauteed -- have always seemed exotic but not that controversial.

That is no longer the case, apparently. 

Tonight, from 5:30-7 p.m., defenders of frogs and their oh-so-tasty legs will descend upon Uncle Julio's at Mizner Park in Boca Raton. They're picketing the restaurant, which has five locations nationwide, the Boca one being the only one in Florida.

Uncle Julio's crime?

The restaurant has frog legs on the menu. "Aside from promoting the eating of frogs, Uncle Julio's imports Chinese bullfrogs which can spread the deadly chytrid fungus," says the group's Facebook Page

Don't know much about that, but the organization Save The Frogs doesn't want anyone messing with any frogs, anywhere.

Frog-leg eating is still popular in the Deep South, and some SoFla restaurants (like Catfish Dewey's) always has them on the menu.

You don't see people protesting there, though. 

The Save The Frogs Florida Rally says "Signs will be provided -- but you can always make your own."

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Uncle Julio's Fine Mexican Cuisine

449 Plaza Real, Boca Raton, FL

Category: Restaurant

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 Ignorance is ignorant.  Firstly, Uncle Julio's has 16 locations, not 5, in 6 different states & the protests have been at various locations, not one.  Secondly, it is entirely rational to ask a business that is contributing to a global environmental crisis to stop its destructive practice(s).  Other businesses (store & restaurants) have pulled frogs & frog legs from their menus & inventories upon finding out what they're contributing to.  The reason behind the protests is much more complicated than what is written.  The extinction of 200 amphibian species just in the past few decades vs. the standard extinction rate of 1 species of every 250 yrs., speaks to that & volumes more.  Please educate yourselves.

Eric Mills
Eric Mills

These kids are onto something.

A 2009 study published in BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION reported that, of the market bullfrogs they necropsied, 62% tested positive for the dreaded chytrid fungus, which is thought to be responsible for the extinctions of nearly 200 amphibian species worldwide in recent years.

California annually imports some TWO MILLION American bullfrogs (commercially-raised in Taiwan) for human consumption, along with an estimated 300,000-400,000 freshwater turtles, all taken from the wild (many of them from Florida), depleting local populations.

Like shark fin soup, this is a horrendously cruel and unsustainable commerce, and should be banned immediately.  We're on the verge of losing two groups of animals (frogs and turtles) for the very worst of reasons:  gastronomics.

Sincerely,Eric Mills, coordinatorACTION FOR ANIMALSOakland, CA


Break out the rubber bullets. An entire generation of (unemployed) idiots is descending upon us.

Cin An
Cin An

C'mon, Save the Frogs?  Save some for me, yum!  Can't we just have these wacko enviro organo nutjobs deep fried and served up with some hot sauce?


This is just plain ignorant. These people need to be slapped upside their head with a flying frog.

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