PETA vs. Farm Photo Bill: What are Florida Farms Hiding?

An American farm... and an American photograph?

Get this -- around the country "ag-gag" bills are being introduced that would prevent photos or video from being taken on farms. PETA has long thrived on these images for their anti-meat campaigns. Investigative journalists and documentary filmmakers have also used footage and images taken from farms to showcase to the public the sometimes troubling story of where their food comes from. If the bills pass, photographers could face jail time. A bit of a shocker, isn't it?

Last week, the issue came to a head in Florida with SB 1246.

The bill was first introduced by Florida State Senator Jim Norman and proposed making it a first-degree felony to take a photograph of a farm without express written permission from the owner. Legislators defeated the bill, but similar anti-whistleblower bills are still pending in Iowa and Minnesota. For the bill voting record and the text of the bill, click here.

Supporters of the bill say it is needed to protect farmers' property rights as well as "intellectual property" involving farm operations.

Granted, videos like the one from PETA below are a total horror show. Literally, nightmare-inducing. However, it's also a bit bewildering to imagine a country that punishes the people willing to see and record first-hand accounts of what goes on on some farms. Rather criminal, you might say.

WARNING: The video below is graphic and might be disturbing to young viewers, animal-lovers, or meat enthusiasts.

For more on anti-whistleblowing "ag-gag" bills, click here.
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Doug Bush
Doug Bush

 Look, the fact of the matter is that the photos that those that oppose Animal Agriculture (and don't food yourself HSUS and PETA desire the total elimination of Animal Protein from the legal American diet) choose to showcase are always the worst case scenario and skewed beyond belief.  You can take a select picture of ANY industry and make it look like genocide.  This bill protects the american farmer from these eco-terrorist activists.


 First, there is no "American farmer."  It's all huge corporate-run factory farming today.

Second,  if you're actually seeing abuse on video, it doesn't exist?  Undercover videos are exactly what's needed to protect the animals who can't speak for themselves.

Should we also ban 60 MINUTES from using undercover video to expose fraud?

The whole idea of undercover video is to show what's really going on when nobody knows we're watching.


There are many American farmers today.  You just don't happen to know any.  Some of us do and aren't as ignorant as you.  But God loves you anyway.

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