New Pepsi Vending Machine Lets You "Text" a Soda to Friends, Strangers

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Texting and tweeting are everywhere. You can text vote on your favorite show, tweet a celebrity...  heck, you can even get fired via text like Charlie Sheen did from Two and a Half Men. But you could never send a friend an icy-cold beverage -- until now.

Pepsi's new social vending machine lets you perform a "random act of refreshment".

​PepsiCo recently announced its new, interactive, social vending machine. The machine, which has a touch-screen LCD display, will allow you to get nutritional information on Pepsi products, buy a soda, or send a Pepsi (complete with personalized video message that you can record on the spot) to a friend.

Your friend receives a text or email with a special code along with your message, redeemable for a Pepsi at any of the special vending machines.

You can also perform a "Random Act of Refreshment," which allows you to buy a Pepsi at random for a stranger.

So far, the machine is a prototype, but we see long lines for these little monsters at college campuses, movie theaters, and malls. Watch the Pepsi Social Vending Machine in action, after the jump.

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Vending World
Vending World

This machine would be better if I could send the gift to your friends.And this is a great idea.I really like this Pepsi vending machine



More like the kiddies 30 and under...

Randy Ajax
Randy Ajax

Thanks for sharing information. Through this social vending machine we can interact with our friends and can send drink beverages to them.....vending machines

Edgar Gunness
Edgar Gunness

"...get nutritional information on Pepsi products.." ? Really? There is NOO nutritional value about sodas. But this concept is cool and will work on the lil kiddies 21 and under.

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