Kiss, Mr. T, Spock: Seven Celebrity Cereal Fails

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We've all seen the Wheaties boxes that have celebrity sports figures on the box -- everyone from Lance Armstrong to Yogi Berra has helped sell cereal.

While Wheaties are still around, we found a bunch of other celebrity cereals that haven't fared so well. Here are a few of our favorites.



cereal kiss.jpg
Kiss cereal -- now in new demon and cat flavors.

Thumbnail image for cereal startrek.jpg
Eat this Star Trek cereal or I'll set my phaser to "kill."

cereal urkels.jpg
Any cereal that's named after the sound you make when you vomit it back up is a really bad idea. Worse if it's also the name of a serious nerd.


cereal hannah montana.jpg

What's next? Bieber-o's (with added sugar, no doubt).


cereal barbie.jpg
Well, I guess the bitch really does have everything... including her own cereal.


cereal Ochocincos2.jpg
If your name sounds like a cereal already, it's a pretty short leap in the marketing department.


cereal mrt.jpg
I pity the fool that ate this crap.

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Mr. T cereal was absolutely delicious!


da da da click


No Adams Family Cereal?  FAIL !

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