Chef Allen's Chef Joins Himmarshee Grille

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Though South Florida's not known for geological formations, Himmarshee Grill is a rock. For years, it's been the most consistently dependable restaurant in Himmarshee Village. It's anchored that strip of SW 2nd street for more than a decade, and has seen its shares of ups and downs.

A drop-off occurred after long-time chef Chris Miracolo departed in April. 

Filling the void was Alberto Cabrera, and that situation got off to a rocky start -- they took the Butternut Squash Purses off the menu, for crying out loud! -- and then a consultant came on board to help right the ship again.
Now, Brandon Whitestone is fully on board. After spending 5 years as chef de cuisine with Chef Allen's, he joined the Himmarshee team about eight weeks ago, says owner Dave Nicholas.

Will the menu change? What's in store?

"We're working on some stuff," Nicholas said, almost cryptically. "Just some stuff."

Would they ever remove those squash-filled purses again?

"No," he insisted. "We'll just enhance what we do already, and make it more interesting."

That's all we got out of him for now -- he was super busy.  We'll keep you posted.

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By making their purses more interesting, does that mean they're actually going to make it taste like a savory menu item, instead of a dessert from 1985???


Last time I was there, I had the blue cheese stuffed dates. Really? How original.... NOT!!!


This guy didn't join 8 weeks ago... More like 4 weeks.... The author must have been paid off by the owner!!


More interesting? It's too damn interesting now. Serve some food for pete's sake. Trying to be a froofy restaurant is Himmarshee village is as dumb as putting a high end sushi restaurant  in the same neighborhood as the Parrot Lounge and McSorleys.

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