Fort Lauderdale's Green Room Gets Greenback Friendly on Gallery Saturdays

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Bottoms up!

Leave your flask at home this Memorial Day weekend because tomorrow is Gallery Saturday at Green Room! Drink specials abound! That's right! You don't have to stand around nursing a hot beer or pretending like the melted ice at the bottom of your glass still has a little Jack left in it (don't worry,your secret is safe with us!). Tomorrow night, Green Room in Fort Lauderdale kicks off its new, weekly art and music event, Gallery Saturdays. Green Room is the latest addition to the Revolution complex in Riverfront.  If you've visited there recently you may have noticed a few things...

1. It's a surprisingly slick, minimalist space.
2. There is an eclectic mix of interesting people.
3. Few of those people actually had a drink in the their hand.
At $10 a pop for a Jack and Coke, it seemed that few could afford to drink the night away. A dance floor full of teetotalers is a good idea for a middle school dance but not for a new club with the makings of an enduring night life venue. Green Room got the hint- We're in Fort Lauderdale during a recession an "economic downturn" not in South Beach circa '05 (that's 2005 not 1905 for all of you sticklers out there!).

No need to stare longingly into the bottom of an empty cup; this Saturday, drink specials include $2 PBRs, $5 shots of Jack, and specials on their craft beer. Soon the venue will debut its new, top-secret signature drink. Need something to soak up Green Room's liquid bargains? Cloud Nine Cupcakes will be selling cupcakes at a special budget-friendly price.

 On Gallery Saturdays, a new group of local artists will be featured every 2-3 weeks and will display work in the lounge's lush upstairs loft area, which has been transformed into a sleek gallery space. This week's grand opening event will feature local artists- Sean Murdock, Laura Atria, Laura Marie Peterson, Solé Del Real and John Bernasconi. The grand opening event will also include a live art by Gina Bentivegna, video installations by Ana Perez, and a fashion show by Fort Lauderdale designer, McLaine O. Other entertainment includes local band, Pretty Please,  DJs Andie Sweetswirl and MIG, and two performances by burlesque group, The Reckless Dames.

Drinking Jack while hopped up on cake frosting and being highly entertained! Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night!

Bottoms up!


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