Atlantic Ocean Club Out in Delray, The Pop Up In... For Now

Just months after it opened with chef Jamie DeRosa at the helm, Atlantic Ocean Club in Delray Beach shut down.

According to Twitter, the final service for the "farm-to-table" restaurant came Saturday night, after which the entire staff was let go. The determinate nail in the coffin was posted on Atlantic Ocean Club's Facebook page yesterday, along with an announcement regarding future plans for the space.
Atlantic Ocean Club wrote:
Atlantic Ocean Club has set sail. The PopUp by Glen Manfra will be occupying it's space at 217 Atlantic Ave for a limited time. Thank you for your patronage this season.
Almost simultaneously, Treskoi PR, who previously handled the restaurant, sent out a press release comfirming the information.

Atlantic Ocean Club has had a tumultuous run. It's chef Jamie DeRosa, who previously worked at Allen Susser's Taste in Delray Beach, left the restaurant just a month after its opening. Rumors swirled that turnover was high among both managers and staff. Now, AOC is being replaced by another restaurant within days of shutting its doors. Strange times, to say the least.

The release regarding the Pop Up has some interesting information. For starters, this Italian-themed restaurant is being run by Glen Manfra, the former Culinary Director for Vic & Angelo's and David Manero Restaurants. The release touts that the restaurant will have a "by the locals, for the locals" approach (presumably since Manfra has worked so long on Atlantic Avenue?) But the most interesting portion of the release is the fact that the Pop Up has an expiration date. Opening in late May, the restaurant will conclude its service by "the beginning of fall."


The means this pop up Pop Up will be open only for the slowest portion of the restaurant year, summer. Usually when restaurants open their doors during the summer, its so that they can work out the kinks for when the real rush starts hitting late in the fall. Such a limited stay during the low point of the season seems pretty odd. Especially since Vic & Angelo's website still lists Manfra as the culinary director. 

According to Louise Henry of Treskoi PR, the reason for the four month stint is "for Glen and his cuisine to re-introduce themselves to Atlantic Avenue." Henry also noted that the menu -- meant as a summer treat to the locals -- will change regularly and maintain a "lower price point."

Some questions remain. According to Treskoi, Manfra is leasing the space from AMG for this summer. We're unsure if this means Manfra has split from David Manero Restaurants, or if Manero has a hand in the Pop Up as well. We'll update this post later in the day as we find out more.

Till then, click ahead for the full release.

Location Info

Atlantic Ocean Club - CLOSED

217 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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 The PR company is full of it.  It's a tax writeoff deal. Its like when ROK opened Vicinos as a loss for the summer with some murky partner, who then resigned when ROK opened. Instead of opening a real restaurant and losing money, they open a placeholder and  sell the tax loss to someone who needs it more than they do.


 A shameless plug. Nicely done.

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