Peep Show: Who Knew Marshmallow Easter Chicks Got Around?

peace peeps.jpg
All we are give Peeps a chance.
People go crazy for marshmallow Peeps. These totally adorable pastel-colored sugar critters come out to play at Easter, making adults and children alike lose control and scarf them down by the dozen. Who would have thought these peeps lead such interesting lives? Here's what we found:

simpson peeps.jpg

D'oh! Marge, Homer and the kids are actually made of sugary goodness!


jersey shore peeps.jpg

The Peeps company announces the new line of "toasted" peeps in honor of the Jersey Shore cast.

peep show.jpg

These single bunny-moms have a lot of children to support!


justice of the peeps.jpg

All rise for the Justice of the Peeps!

Peep penguins.jpg
​March of the Peeps....Narrated by Morgan Peepman

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I thought folks reading this might like to know about my Peeps iPhone case design that I'm selling on my Etsy shop "Case Sera Sera" online­­er-peeps-i-peeps-iphone-4-cas­echeck it out!! Happy Easter!!


Peeps rule!


obviously you do not know what a peep is....

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