Shopping at Ikea -- for Food

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sylt gooseberry preserves.jpg
All photos by Laine Doss
Sylt Gooseberry jam.
Ahhh, Ikea. The place where millions of people flock like sheep to buy cheap couches and bookcases with names that sound more like fungal infections (blaxmo, slojda, staffli) than furniture.

But who knew that Ikea is also a great place to go food shopping? The Swedish Marketplace, located conveniently near the checkout area, is the home of imported food (again with crazy names). Here, you can buy cookies, drinks, meatballs, and herring, herring, and herring. The best part? Like the furniture -- it's totally cheap!




abba salmon crab pate.jpg
It's a '70s band and a fishy spread. Abba spread in both salmon and crab flavors ($3.49).
nordic fish salty licorice.jpg
Too authentic for me -- I'll take "American" Swedish Fish ($2.79).
tangkorn seaweed topping.jpg
Seaweed spread ($2.79).
Herring, herring, and more herring (four jars for $6).
april 24 2011 021.JPG
Kalles "Kaviar" ($2.99).
dried onion and Felix red cabbage.jpg
Dried onions ($1.69) and red cabbage ($2.99).
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I live in Turkey and the prices for the same products are much expensive. F.. you ikea, your furnitures are nothing but s..t


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