Havana Hideout to Host Fourth Biannual Brew-Off

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Beer isn't just for breakfast any more, nor is it only for professional sudsers peddling everything from artisan brewskis to industrial pisswater. 

For four years now, Lake Worth's Havana Hideout has been showcasing the beers of the area's best amateur brewers, hosting spring and winter Brew-Offs at chef-owner Chrissy Benoit's charmingly funky little hangout bar and tiki-hut-by-the-sidewalk eatery.  

This year's spring Brew-Off will take place Saturday, April 9, and feature 20 local brewers--more than twice the number of last year--who will be pouring free samples and competing for King of Suds crown. The party begins at 4 p.m. and lasts until the beer or partiers' energy runs out. 

One more change from last year's Brew-Off is that this time, admission is free but there won't be any beer-friendly food specials. Chrissy says the logistical challenges were just too much, though the Hideout's regular menu will be offered.  

And one more thing, attendance will be limited to 100 thirsty brewheads so if you wanna get in, get there early.

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Lake Worth Homie
Lake Worth Homie

I just checked Havana Hideout's events page. Is it free or not?

"Brew Off From 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM Made by undiscovered and wildly talented home brewers. Tickets are $10 and include a taste of all the brewers offerings and a chance to vote on your favorite . Add a plate of beer friendly food for only $5. There are 3 categories to win this time. Popular Vote, Judges Favorite and best booth design! Sam Adams is offering a prize package to the winners. Dan Oliver the Beer Guy is our celebrity judge this round.Must be 21 to sample all beer."

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