When Celebrities Cook: Gwyneth Paltrow

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Gwyneth Paltrow (who word has it will appear/sing yet again on Glee tonight), has just come out with a new cookbook. My Father's Daughter may be part of a trend of celebrities cashing in on America's food-obsessed culture. Paltrow, Eva Longoria, and Debi Mazar, are just some of the celebrities getting in the food game. But, Paltrow's book has some people mocking her tone. Just like when her online lifestyle newsletter and website GOOP came out, people think her I'm-just-like-you-tone is disingenuous given that she's a star, with way more means than most. "Forget you!," the Oscar-winning, Grammy-singing 38-year-old mother of two will likely say.

Her food obsession appears genuine even if it can seem like she is burning off most of the calories she eats. In 2008 Paltrow was featured on a PBS food show with Chef Mario Batali and Mark Bittman eating their way through Spain, and she's spotlighted her food interest in GOOP through the years. Take a look at this GOOP food video for making a simple roast chicken with potatoes and salad.

What do you think? Are you going to run out and buy your favorite celeb's cookbook? Or, do you think they should leave the cooking to the professionals (you know, those folks that worked their way up through the service industry all those years)?

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Miss Paltrow is a lovely women and a great actress BUT she is not prettier than alot of other women and can't act better than alot of other people but she was born into the right family. It is the same with singing she was so cute on Glee and sang ok surprisingly ok but would not have even had the opportunity had she not been famous had a decent voice and been born into the family she was. It is the same with cooking I suspect. Money and fame helps you get book deals. I don't really want to know what these people eat everyday or thier gramma's recipes they never cook themselves.My sister inlaw was the best cook I ever had a meal from she wrote a cook book she used in her party business we all used it in the family but did she get famous did it get picked up by a big publisher? No... because her parents owned a furniture store and her inlaws were a lawyer and a nurse in other words she was a no body. Everyone thinks they can cook like Chef Ramsey and Bobby Flay (me too ) but sadly I am fooling myself and I suspect since she is an actress not chef she is too. I do wish her luck in her endevors.painting, directing, race car driving, doctoring what ever is next I'm sure she will succeed to a point because she can buy the way in.How fun would THAT be???

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