Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's: Tuesday, April 12th 2011

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Summer is fast approaching; Heck, some days it feels like it's already here. While it's still snowing in some states, we're already busy thinking of ways to battle the heat. Some people sumberge themselves in the pool until their skin prunes; others put the AC on full blast; but me? I eat ice cream.

Whether your a fan of Cherry Garcia, Phish Food, or Bonnaroo's own "Bonnaroo Buzz" flavor - there is nothing better than an ice cream cone on a (typical) sweltering South Florida afternoon.

Well, wait. There is something better - one that's free!

On April 12th all Ben & Jerry's locations (there are 5 of them in Broward and Palm Beach) are celebrating Free Cone Day!

Ben & Jerry's even launched their own app called "Ben & Jerry's Scoop of Happiness" that will guide you directly to the nearest location.



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