Eggsellent Easter Egg Art: Rock Stars, Celebrities, Assorted Eggheads

John Lamouranne
Bacon do I go well with....
​A lot of people color Easter eggs for the holidays. Some cultures have elborate techniques to paint their eggs, but New Orleans artist John Lamouranne goes one step further to turn eggs into celebrities.

The artist, known as the Egg Man, fetches from $35 to $300 for his "eggsellent" likenesses of  iconic celebrities, politicians and fictional characters. Take that Martha Stewart and your Egg Decorating iPhone app!

Thumbnail image for scarface egg.jpg
Say hello to my little hen...
barack egg.jpg
Hope and Change...over easy with a side of crispy bacon and some wheat toast.
kate and william egg.jpg
Kate and William - Now England has royal eggs, too.
pepper egg.jpg
St. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Omelette
simmons egg.jpg
The Demon Egg

If you're inspired to color your own eggs, here's a video about Martha Stewart's Egg Dyeing 101 IPhone app (yes, there's actually an app for that - we couldn't make this s**t up if we tried.


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