Chef Chris Miracolo Announces Role at New Restaurant in Delray Beach

Photo courtesy of Chris Miracolo
Just a little over one month ago, Clean Plate Charlie announced that Chef Chris Miracolo of Himmarshee Bar & Grille was moving on. In our article, owner Dave Nicholas stated that the chef was "tired" and "wanted to go away and travel for the summer."

The summer season hasn't even begun and already the vacation is over for Chef Miracolo who is ready to start his next project as executive chef of a shiny new restaurant.

Chef Miracolo states that he is assisting the opening of a new "Farm-to-Fork" concept in Delray's Pineapple Grove district called Max's Harvest. Restaurateur Dennis Max is heading the project along with the current executive chef of Max's Grille, Patrick Broadhead, who will serve as Chef-Partner.

The new eatery, set to open in June, will occupy the space once home to Taste Gastropub.  Max's Harvest will emphasize green practices and use local and sustainable food products by partnering with several local farmers and slow-food organizations. Miracolo jokes that the new project promises inventive dishes completely free of butternut squash purses.

Stay tuned to Clean Plate Charlie as more developments on Max's Harvest become available.

Max's Harvest
169 NE 2nd Ave., Delray Beach FL

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This guy is a hack. "chef" Allen was unfortunately better than this guy.

ted inserra
ted inserra

let me tell you, does not get much better than Chef Chris, a smart move bringing this talented, and extremly hard working Chef into this concept, wish him and this restaurant all thge best, if Chris is there, it will be a doubt about it.


Didn't Dennis Max (no relation) close like 10 restaurants when the economy was booming? Did his tax writeoffs run out already?

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