Sushi Blues Café and Blue Monk Lounge in Hollywood Closes Its Doors

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Husband-and-wife restaurateurs Kenny Millions and Junko Maslak say sayonara to Hollywood institution Sushi Blues Café and Blue Monk Lounge. Beginning in 1989, the popular café and lounge served Japanese cuisine and soulful doses of live jazz and blues. Just a few years after the initial opening, Sushi Blues relocated from its original spot in Young Circle to Harrison Street due to a booming business.

Yet, a few weeks ago, a sign on the door read...

that the eatery was "closed for emergency repairs," which was more recently replaced with "For Lease" signage. With a tough economy likely to blame, even mainstays like Sushi Blues struggle to stay afloat. 

Maslak oversaw the kitchen and sushi bar while Millions brought the funk with unique sounds of punk-jazz fusion. Check out an example with Millions' Detroit MoFuck in Russia.

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Farewell, Sushi Blues Café. We hope this isn't the last we hear of Maslak and Millions' business ventures.

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Me and my husband are still in shock. Where do we go from here? If anyone knows if they open a new restaurant please post. We will miss Sushi Blues. 


NO NO NO! I'm in shock- have been going since I moved to SoFla in '93- the original Young Circle location. I watched their kids grow up (and even play in the band), had my first real date w/my future wife there and spent several New Years Eves. Called for a reservation today and....Our hearts ache for you Kenny and Junko- Paul the Eye Doc and Yakuna , Key West.


Kenny and family will be missed. SB was easily my favorite Hollywood restaurant. I've known the sushi chef Yozo for 30 years or so; he made the first roll I ever ate. Kenny, I will wear my hat for you until you come back! Best of luck to them wherever they land.

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Court Reporting

It's a shame to see them go. These really are tough times.

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