Pura Vida Makes West Palm Debut

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If you're "full of life" (or something) and are looking to tie one on, then get your full-of-it, party-hearty self over to CityPlace, where the new Pura Vida Lounge & Nightclub (700 S. Rosemary Ave.; 888-561-0232) is bringing a little bit of Costa Rica (AKA "the happiest place on Earth") to West Palm Beach. 

Live performances, special events, a dance floor, three VIP areas, and two distinct spaces are all featured at space near Barnes & Noble.  

The lounge boasts a tiki-style beach bar where you can load up on signature cocktails made with lots of rum and tropical fruit juices and served in buckets. The nightclub is done up with a rain-forest theme, including canopy zip lines strung along trees, an "ice bar" that serves frozen drinks, and a "lava bar" that serves everything else. 

Wow, I feel happier already.

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