Have You Tried a Lazy Cake? Chill Out With the Official "Relaxation Brownie"

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​I don't typically get out of the car and head into the service store at the gas station. But during a recent pit stop, I was lucky it yielded more than just a frustrating fill on yet another tank of overpriced gas.

It also scored me a Lazy Cakes -- the original "relaxation brownie" you can find hiding behind the glass case at a local service counter near you. 

You know, the same one where you'll also find all types of oddball stuff that may -- or may not -- be considered drug paraphernalia.

Curious to know why these delectable-looking brownies were behind lock-and-key, I asked for one.

After confirming my age -- you have to be over 18 to buy a Lazy Cake because of its ingredients -- I purchased several, eager to find out what makes them so special. 

Once home, I had only one question: what's in them? The ingredients of this suspicious dessert aren't listed on the package. Instead, the package refers you to the Lazy Cakes Website, where it lists valerian root, melatonin, passion flower and -- well, chocolate -- as the main ingredients.

So, what happen when you eat one? According to the Larry Lazy Cake, the tripped-out brownie mascot you'll see posted on each and every wrapper, "extreme relaxation and excessive use of the word 'dude'."

As for taste -- not as good as homemade. The Lazy Cake was a nothing short of bland, and somewhat bitter. All in all, a rather tasteless, cake-like brownie. And the relaxation part? One friend said it put her out cold. Another said he felt a little sleepy after. But then again, it could have been his all-nighter the day before. 

I didn't really feel a thing -- except a pang of disappointment there couldn't have been a better tasting cake that could make me look as laid-back as Larry.

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Try a Kratom brownie instead - will makes you feel relaxed, zen but without getting all fogged up or losing mental clarity. Just a very pleasant feeling :). Here are some of my fave recipes

Alex Edwards
Alex Edwards

Valerian root, usefulness in the nervous system is mainly due to the valepotriates, which have a sedative effect on the mind. One of its main uses is in insomnia, where it both helps the sufferer to fall asleep more quickly and allows them to wake in the morning without feeling stupefied. Valerian is particularly useful for those whose minds are so active they cannot switch off enough to relax. Valerian is helpful for all types of stress-related anxiety as it does not impair the ability to concentrate, but has a calming effect. Valerian is used to treat numerous ailments, for example digestive complaints where there is a contributing stress or tension factor. Valerian is also a muscle relaxant, and is used with other herbs in the cardiovascular system to treat high blood pressure. sleep disorder supplements valerian root www.1wallmart.com/category.php...


Maybe their marketing idea of using the word 'lazy' in their product is an oversight. Why not chill cakes, mellow cake, or something along those lines.

"Oh yes, I feel like being lazy. Might as well eat one of these cakes"

Jake Zigler
Jake Zigler

Melatonin is a sleep aid so I'd imagine eating the brownie would be akin to taking an OTC sleeping pill!

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