Five Suggestions for Jen Aniston's Smartwater Video

Jennifer Aniston recently attempted a viral video to promote her favorite clear drinking liquid -- Smartwater. With all the rage for desired web hits, what better way to sell the Glaceau water brand than pairing the 42-year-old sex symbol with various viral video subjects like dancing babies, double rainbows, and little boys with rare genetic disorders?

Check out her viral "sex video" after the jump.

A tad disappointing, no?

Wait! Don't run off annoyed and frustrated just yet. Clean Plate Charlie has five images of the hotness we believe would make a better ad for the cerebral H2O brand.

All photshop images by Justin Scicluna
Oh What a Feeling Smartwater Gives My Parched Palate

Don't Deny Your Basic Instincts For Smartwater

Look what I found in the (smart)water, Mr. Bond!

Making out with Smartwater is such a wild thing

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Victor Frankenstein
Victor Frankenstein

Jen's got a thing about her hair.Here, Jen, I'll hold that back for you.

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